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Air-Cycle Compressor Design

Turbo Solutions completed the design of a medium pressure ratio compressor for an air-cycle machine. The primary challenge in this project was to meet the customerís very high efficiency goals within the geometric and other constraints imposed by the mating … Continue reading

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6-Stage Process Compressor Rerate

A CENTAC six-stage, integrally geared process compressor was rerated to increase the flow, pressure rise, and efficiency over those of the original machine. The primary design challenge was the requirement for a large increase in process flow with no changes … Continue reading

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Turbocharger Rerate Designs for Large Stationary Engines

Designed new internal components for two different models of legacy engine turbochargers. The goal was to substantially increase turbocharger mass flow, efficiency and pressure ratio, and then fit the newly designed components into the existing casings. Turbo Solutions reverse-engineered the … Continue reading

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